Top Wine Apps

Top Wine Apps

Like many app junkies, we cannot stop checking the App Store for the latest and greatest. We’ve gone through all the cool games like Fieldrunners, Blackjack, Bejeweled, Line Rider, Strategic Assault, Lux Touch, and Flashlight. Many of us have settled on conventional programs like Pandora, Bloomberg,

Many of us have settled on conventional programs like Pandora, Bloomberg, iTrans NYC, BeejiveIM, RTM, AirSharing, and others.But we still salivate at finding the next great App, especially for wine. Whether you have the latest iPhone X or a Samsung Android phone under 5000, we have an app for you.

So let’s look at what’s out there today for the iPhone oenophile.

Drync has to be at the top of anyone’s list.  Drync Wine is a sick new application that finds your exact wine by scouring literally hundreds of thousands of wine listings from your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Find the wine, see professional ratings and reviews, add the wine to your Virtual Cellar with a rating and notes, and even buy it! All from a single app – Drync Wine.  Follow Drync’s Twitter updates.

Hello Vino.  Touted as an app designed with the entry level wine drinker in mind, Hello Vino is pretty much a search engine that enables users to track down wines by food pairing, occasion, taste, and region. The UI is sleek and fairly easy to use, and details such as wine ratings, price, Vino descriptions are thankfully simple. And while functionality is limited, it’s worth downloading the app just for the fun occasions pairings – date wines, anyone?  Search powered by Snooth.

And speaking of Snooth.

Snooth, the so called global wine community, has a comprehensive database of wines and merchant information that is a powerful resource for discovering new wines.

The free location-aware application brings a wine bank of over 1 million varieties to your phone, and not only makes it easy to access wine reviews and prices, but also to find nearby stores that have your favorite wine in stock.

Snooth Wine allows users to do advanced searches for the wine of their choice. You can enter the type of wine of you’re looking for, select a price range, and even opt to narrow down by country of origin. The app will also use your exact location to return results based on your whereabouts.

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